Benefits of the project on the 6 partner organisations

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·        Re-positioning insitutions as a valued international partner, and has enhanced its profile with local funders, local authorities, the local artistic scene and audiences.

·        Being exposed to several learning activities, different cultural and organisational contexts, developing and sharing ideas with representatives of the partner organisations, participants, and experts has enhanced the value of maintaining a coherent communication focus

·        Developping connexion between local instituion and European context/opportunities

·        The experiences gained through this project will be implemented in the residency program of institutions and asking participating artists to document and be more proactive in communicating their creative process through blog.

·        Residence artists from institution will be part of the Feedback Sessions, they will also all be involved in the upcoming Communication – PR sessions. They will also be each be paired with dramaturges to assist them in positioning their works towards the general public.

·        There has been a greater synergy established between the artists and staff in and around communication of dance related information for a broader audience as a result of the experience of the participants, their reflection of this towards their colleagues in dance, and reverting back positively to the institution. As a result the above processes have been established and local artists feel confidence in participation.

·        Participants become valuable ambassadors for the ongoing work of instituions and the project your social media marketing partner
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