Project impacts on participants

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The impacts of the project on participants (Choreographer and Journalist) after 2 years are :


·      Journalists – critics who had been following dance and writing about dance : encouraged to be more proactive in sourcing material and also to be more assertive in presenting the information to a broader audience, getting more involved in the dance scene

Journalists – writers who were not connected to dance strongly before > after two years of CD: high awareness of the potential of contemporary dance as artform and also its social and political impact


·      Choreographers: encouraged them to think outside the box in terms of how they can present they own work and focus more on their own creative potential, as well as how to manage the often different expectations as they pursues the career in dance as teacher, dancer, choreographer ; increased awareness of communication as an important tool/instrument in distributing their own artistic work and communication as part of leadership issues in artistic processes something that they can now implement in her own career plan


·      Both: increased European network and work opportunities, new learning, and the support and resources to undertake their own local project ; developed new tools of communication, leadearship, feedback


Picture : training session on the French Alps to experiment communication and leadership in new/different context your social media marketing partner
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