Pecha Kucha in Zagreb, by Antoine Quirion


When we met in november in Grenoble, I was taking time to think about life, writing, theatre and dance.

What happened since then?



But, very suddenly, the hammer of pragmatic reality hit the anvil of my personal needs.

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Fortunately, I quickly found a flat and put an end to several months of wandering. I could settle myself there with some friends.


However, I soon felt that was not enough. I faced the monetary necessity to find a job, but also the urge to take part in this social activity. I need to connect to other people's reality.


Since February I’ve leaved at a tremendous pace, which compensated the calmer previous months.



I came back to teaching Spanish in a secondary school, contrary to my previous experience in various high schools. I came there with all my vocational wishes, ready to lead young people to the country of awareness across the dangerous sea of education.





But quickly, the evidence of scholar ghettoization and its daily difficulties jumped out at me. It backed me into a corner I'd have preferred avoiding. Actually, I find that the nice and powerful boat is running aground and that I can only save a few ones aboard my tiny and frail lifeboat.



Besides, I also restarted teaching climbing for the new season, but in a much more easy way this time. It lead me to enrich my interrogations: what kind of education can be strong enough to lead everyone both individually and collectively, without leaving anyone behind ?

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For a long time now, I've desired to link rockclimbing with theatre and music. The children and I decided to make a short movie. I helped them to invent a short story : two young people find themselves transported into a perpendicular world. To escape, they have to climb, and meet the strange inhabitants of the cliff.


With four friends, we went on building our new theater company. Our idea is to sell our performances and make it a professional activity.


We got our first contract in May, to imagine a theatrical and poetic visit in a museum. We invited people to follow a strange man with a strange disease: he can’t speak but in alexandrines. He is lost on the border between dream and reality. Paintings come alive and imaginary people tell his story.


We are also carrying on a bigger creation. The première will occur in July. For the first time, I really do the theater I want. For the one hand it is humorous and ribald, from the other much more sensitive as it comes to hidden sides of people’s personality.


We’ll go on a tour in the south of France in July. We have the idea to perfect our performance, to listen to the audience’s opinion in order to come back in Grenoble in September very confident in our theatre proposition and position.


In the dance and writing field, I met again Lambda, at the Concentré de danse festival, organized by the Pacifique. He attended six performances during a week, in various places of Grenoble area.

It's part of my local project.


It became a bit more difficult to write his story. He is progressively learning about contemporary dance, which means he isn't an ingenuous man anymore. Moreover, we learn some elements about his life. Then I spent time and lines describing him and not only how he behaved about dance discoveries. How can the story evolve between dance and Lambda ?


I began thinking about his future, and further, mine. What can I do with this concept? Finally, I decided to take the risk to go deeper with him and to create a blog, in order to

communicate about it and, further, follow his story in others festivals.


In another field, I go on with Spanish philology studies. My plan is to be competent enough to translate all sorts of Spanish literature. However I decided to take one extra year to complete the courses and do it better. Travel to South America is an appealing perspective to me.


During those months, the crazy timetable I’ve just explained gave me only few but strong and essential moments with family and friends.


That's why I have to stop the time race. I'm not the first to fail: unfortunately, I need to sleep.


So, in one month, I'm finishing my work. I begin to think how to combine better in the future, time, wishes, projects and practical necessities. I foresee sun beside the clouds. your social media marketing partner
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