Merel Pecha Kuching in Grenoble (2014)

In the last few months my world became bigger because of lots of travelling and encounters with new people.




After our Communicating Dance residency in Hamburg my first destination was Cyprus, where I collaborated on a performance on male intimacy with choreographer Alexis Vassiliou.


Afterwards, I was communicating dance myself a lot for amongst other NDT, by giving introductions and moderating interviews and after talks in theaters throughout The Netherlands. In fact talking about dance became a lot more imporant for me than writing about it. Because when speaking about it you know that there is an audience to draw in and you become aware of what they need to be able to enter into this great fascination of ours.




It helps a lot to share your personal connection to a work with the audience: if they can relate to you, you can really be a messenger and raise sympathy and awareness on the subject or the piece. It made me realise more and more that I want to be a spokesman for dance.




One of the highlights was speaking in Carre, the most famous theatre in The Netherlands, with my mother in the audience being able to understand everything I said about the performance and wachting an NDT performance for the first time in her life.


In July I joined Peggy Olislaegers, the director of the Dutch Dance Festival, to visit The Place in London where Peggy gave a three day workshop on Creative Producing.





In lovely Bassano del Grappa I taught a summer course on dramaturgy for the first.





This is the beautiful team of choreographer Alida Dors, with whom I’ve been collaborating to create the performance ‘Oogst’.


The Dutch Dance Festival presented a series of performances with elderly and amateurs dancers – the works shown all had a very direct emotional impact. 



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